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CD Review|Queen Delphine & The Crown Jewels – Come & Get It

Queen Delphine

Album | Come and Get It

Artist | Queen Delphine & The Crown Jewels

Label | Juke House Records







At 23 minutes long, and containing just 5 tracks ‘Come and Get It’ by Indianapolis-based Queen Delphine & The Crown Jewels is essentially an EP, but what it lacks in length it certainly makes up for in quality and is a fine showcase for an artist comfortable in a range of styles.

Most of the songs are original compositions by Queen Delphine (aka Harriett Ellis) and her co-writer – and husband, Lee O Ellis Jr.

Harriett’s vocal range bears comparison with Koko Taylor, and she is ably backed by a seasoned group of musicians.

The opening track ‘My Cat Got 9 Lives’ is best described as a ‘belter’, creating a classic sound that harks back to the Chicago Blues of the 50’s and 60’s, while ‘What Would I Do’ is a jazz number allowing Harriett to show her smoother side.

‘I’m A Woman’ is the stand-out song and gives Harriet full rein to demonstrate her talents, and is hopefully a portent of things to come. ‘Don’t Take My Kindness For Weakness’ is a soul-infused pop number which acts as a counterpoint to the smoky ‘Lammy’s Blues’, an instrumental with some very tasty harmonica playing that ends the set.

An impressive debut. More please.


Queen Delphine


‘Come and Get It’

‘Queen Delphine & The Crown Jewels’


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