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CD Review| Bing Futch – Unresolved Blues


Album | Unresolved Blues

Artist | Bing Futch

Label | J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.









Bing Futch has a distinctive name, a distinctive look with his trademark dreadlocks, and a very distinctive sound which manages to evoke the raw truth of early Blues with glorious musicianship.

A talented multi-instrumentalist, he uses both a standard Appalachian mountain dulcimer, a chromatic resonator mountain dulcimer, Native American flute, ukulele and drums to create the sound in this 12 song collection that sets out to ‘trace the origins and evolution of blues music’.

His passion for Blues is evident, though his journey to it has taken an unconventional path – he began his career in the mid 80’s as a guitarist in a Christian techno-punk trio called ‘Crazed Bunnyz’, then in 1999 he became a founder member of Americana outfit ‘Mohave’ playing Mountain Dulcimer.

Going solo In 2006, he became a regular at Americana and Folk festivals in the US and recorded a series of well-received albums. He won the “Solo Artist” category at the Central Florida Blues Challenge 2014, and with that came a gateway to compete in the 2015 International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis. He repeated this feat the following year, gaining a lot of attention and new fans.

In January 2016 he was back at the IBC, this time receiving the coveted “Best Guitarist”  award after an outstanding performance.

‘Unresolved Blues’  is his first all-blues album. It’s a whirlwind trip through history and various regions of the United States. Opening with the seminal Robert Johnson classic ‘Sweet Home Chicago’, it deftly moves from Hill Country Blues and Delta shuffles to Blues-Rock; from acoustic to a full electric sound.

It’s a Blues masterclass in an album.

Bing Futch

Bing Futch


‘Unresolved Blues’

‘Bing Futch’


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