Soulful Saturday

Soulful Saturday

LogoSoulful Saturday was a show that ran on Radio Cardiff from September 2009 to May 2016 which featured new & classic soul music, interviews, features and live sessions. Over the years it offered a platform for many of Cardiff’s musicians and artists – often giving them their first radio exposure

It started out as a breakfast show, when Jeremy Rees (who devised it) moved from his previous afternoon slot, and it grew into a 3 hour mid-morning programme 10am to 1pm


Soulful Saturday Intro (Soul Serenade)



Initially the show featured classic soul and smooth jazz music together with  a monthly rotation of guest presented items reviewing books, movies, films & TV, but as it evolved it it became almost entirely soul music orientated, with each half hour segment hooked around a feature, the longest running being:-

Six Decades of Soul – each week the show started with 30 mins of tracks representing the 60’s, 70’s 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and 10’s

Soul Top 3 – a different studio guest each week would select their 3 favourite soul tracks and talked about why they were important to them. This was presented by Jeremy until December 2015 then Catrin Griffiths & Colin Broadbent alternated for the rest of the run

team 130

Discovering Motown – initially presented by DJ Graham Weeks, then Steve Devereux (pictured) this was a selection of 3 Motown tracks based around a particular theme. During Steve’s tenure the segment was often based on his blog Motown Junkies – this proved so popular that it became a separate 2 hour show in its own right, presented by Steve on Sunday afternoons



The A to Z of Northern Soul – ran for a year, playing a triple of tracks from the Northern Soul Genre, first presented by Hannah Gregory, then Steve Devereux in between the Graham & Steve incarnations of Discovering Motown


Keep The Faith – was presented by Colin Broadbent (pictured), this feature replaced Discovering Motown when Steve left to start his own show. It was another Northern Soul feature, three tracks with a tenuous link devised by Colin which were also clues to a fourth song, often from a different genre. Colin went on to develop a 2 hour Northern Soul show called ‘Real Humdingers’, and then went on to host a mid-morning weekday show with another Soulful Saturday alumni, Gail Taylor



Soul Birthdays – was a 30 min round up of the weeks’ birthdays of soul music figures, playing representative tracks

The Saturday Session – was a live music session in the last part of the show which featured a different artist or band in the studio each week. Over the 7 year run it featured most of the soul & funk bands active in South Wales as well as performers from other genres including jazz, folk and blues.



Jeremy hosted it from the start until December 2015, initially as a solo presenter,  but it quickly became a team effort with 2, 3 or 4 members at various stages of its run. Rhiannon Walsh was the first co-host, followed by the team of Rosie Meek, Graham Weeks and Holly-Mae Price. When Holly moved on to a new opportunity in Mid Wales, Kate Horey stepped in, and then Hannah Gregory. Graham left in 2011 at which point Motown expert Steve Devereux took over the ‘Discovering Motown’ slot, and when Hannah moved on to a media career in Bristol, Katie Mallam joined for a few months. In 2011 Catrin Griffiths came on board, and Jeremy, Catrin & Steve were the regular team for 3 years until Steve started his own show on Sunday afternoons making way for the legendary Colin Broadbent. The last member to join the presenting team was Gail Taylor. When Jeremy left the show in December 2015, Colin & Catrin alternated as anchors with Gail as co-host until the show came to an end. For the final edition on Saturday 27th May 2016, several of the former presenters returned to give the show a send-off.

Soulful Saturday Team 2009-2016 

logo2Soulful Saturday Presenters:- Rosie Meek, Graham Weeks, Holly-Mae Price, Kate Horey, Hannah Gregory, Steve Devereux, Catrin Griffiths, Colin Broadbent, Gail Taylor, John Lomond (producer) & Jeremy. (**not pictured, Rhiannon Walsh, Katie Mallam).








Theme Tune 2009-11 (Watermelon Man Funk)

Theme Tune 2011-14 (Watermelon Man Funk – New Version)


Soulful Saturday Rewind : Archive Shows



Later editions of Soulful Saturday – from March 2014 to May 2016 – were uploaded to Mixcloud, where they remain available as an archive.

Following the end of Soulful Saturday’s run as a live show on Radio Cardiff, selected editions of archive programmes from September 2009 to March 2014 are being posted every Saturday on the Mixcloud page under the title ‘Soulful Saturday Rewind‘ (starting June 4th 2016).

(These are unedited archive shows presented as broadcast at the time).